At UNC, I have taught my own course six times. Please click here for more information on my teaching philosophy and interests. For a complete overview of my teaching experience, see below.

POLI 239: Introduction to European Government

Instructor (online):
Teaching assistant:
Fall 2018, Spring 2017
Summer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Spring 2016
Fall 2018


POLI 130: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Teaching assistant:
Spring 2018
Fall 2016
Spring 2018


Additional teaching experience

“EU2U” Teacher Workshops, UNC Center for European Studies
Undergraduate Thesis Seminar (VU University Amsterdam)

POLI 236: Politics of East Central Europe
POLI 100: Introduction to American Government
POLI 203: Race, Innocence, and the End of the Death Penalty

Instructor, 2017-2018
Co-supervisor, Spring 2012

Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015
Teaching Assistant, Spring 2015
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2014